Department of Energy (DOE) requires suppliers to be registered and qualified against a number of criteria in line with the DoE’s strategy and the overall public sector requirements in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, we look forward to having a successful business relationship with your esteemed company.

Prior to participating in tenders with DOE, you need to complete your company registration in the Department of Government Enablement (DGE) throughout the ADERP System; by completing this registration you shall be eligible to participate in DOE tenders.

Please note that your Registration does not act as a guarantee for work with DOE; rather, it highlights the suitable local resources that are available for the required goods/services.

We are pleased to inform you that all our published tenders now consider submitting the ICV certificate as a mandatory criteria in the commercial evaluation. The following link shall provide you with all needed information for your esteemed company about the ICV program;, we encourage you to get your ICV certificate if you still haven’t yet! 

For inquiries, please contact DOE Procurement Team during official working hours.


+971 (02)–2070777


You may also visit our offices located at DOE HQ morning from 08:30AM to 03:00PM.

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