The Department of Energy is tasked with developing strategic initiatives that diversify and secure energy sources for economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

These include the implementation of programmes designed to reduce or conserve energy consumption, and this increased efficiency will, in turn, deliver economic benefits to Abu Dhabi and its citizens.

Strategic Initiatives

Launching strategic initiatives that boost sustainable development of the energy sector and contribute to the economic and social growth of Abu Dhabi.

Future Energy

Planning Abu Dhabi's future energy requirements in accordance with its economic, environmental, and social sustainability objectives, and coordinating the same with the relevant authorities.

Service and Quality

Achieving, maintaining, and promoting the highest levels of service and quality.


Working with government authorities and partners to maintain compliance with legislation and keep pace with global developments in the energy industry.

Operational Plans

Proposing strategic and operational plans—including future projects and expansions—for the UAE's energy sector, in coordination with the Executive Council.

Energy Partners

Assisting and supporting energy partners in implementing the strategic and executive plans of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector.

Build Awareness

Developing a clear strategy for the future of the petroleum and mineral resources sector and establishing awareness and understanding of this sector within the local community.

Facilitate Resources

Facilitating the integration of power production resources, including renewable energy and nuclear power.

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