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Planning Today for a Secure,
Sustainable Tomorrow

Our role is to facilitate the development of the energy sector in Abu Dhabi in order to support the economic, environmental, and social sustainability requirements of the emirate, both today and into the future, as part of the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, which aims at establishing a robust and secure society with a sustainable economy.



Integrating excellence, creativity and innovation in all energy sectors

The Department of Energy aims to be a pioneer in all fields
of energy in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and to achieve
comprehensive and sustainable development that is fully
compliant with the emirate’s legislation.


    01 - Water

    Water & electricity sustainability is key to economic and industrial growth

    Water and electricity drive our economy, and will continue to do so in the future.

    A continuous supply of water and electricity form the foundation of a prosperous commercial and industrial sector. By focusing our efforts on minimizing wastage, we aim to create a brighter future.

    02 - Electricity

    Moving towards balanced and sustainable industry growth

    Efficient use of energy is key in helping to conserve energy while reducing its environmental impact.

    For the benefit of current and future generations, we are committed to tackling environmental challenges and improving energy efficiency across Abu Dhabi’s industrial and commercial sectors.

    03 - District cooling

    Development of detailed Regulatory Framework for District Cooling (DC)

    The DC will be a new regulatory activity in addition for the electricity, water and wastewater sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in accordance with Law no.11 of 2018.

    We have worked on developing the necessary Regulatory Frameworks in support of the implementation of the Emirates plans and strategies that are key to the delivery of Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, which aims primarily to meet the needs and protect consumers, and to promote the energy efficiency, improving the planning of district cooling in new developments projects in the Emirate, and in addition to that promote the competitive environment in vital utilities sectors. We are working in accordance with a road map for the implementation of District Cooling regulations in a close collaboration with the relevant authorities.

    04 - Renewable energy

    Leveraging solar energy to power our aspirations

    As part of the Emirate’s vision for the future, Abu Dhabi is committed to developing a more sustainable and low-carbon energy mix to satisfy the power and water demands of the growing economy.

    These technologies include, amongst other things, solar PV and CSP generation and one key part of the DoE duties in Law is licencing of generation facilities.

    The renewable programme continues developments focusing on additional PV installations and the outcomes of pilot projects into solar desalination technologies, which, in the context of Abu Dhabi, are extremely relevant to the overall low carbon outlook.

    05 - Oil and gas

    Making optimal use of the emirate’s fossil fuel resources

    The prosperity of the United Arab Emirates and its rapid transformation from a backward desert region to one with a booming economy have been made possible by revenue from oil exports. The UAE possesses nearly 10 per cent of the world’s total reserves, and there is no doubt that oil will continue to provide the income for both economic growth and the expansion of social services for several more decades at least. In the coming years, natural gas will play an increasingly important role in the UAE’s development – particularly as a fuel source for power generation, petrochemicals and manufacturing industry. The UAE has also taken the initiative in developing an intra-Gulf gas network that could eventually link up with the Indian subcontinent.

    06 - Nuclear

    Driving today’s industry with the energy source of tomorrow

    A key part of Abu Dhabi’s future outlook and strategy is the construction of four nuclear plants each with a nominal capacity of 1400MW (5600MW overall), located at Barakah in the Western Region, 240 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi city. DOE is responsible for issuing a generation licence and overseeing the integration of the nuclear plants into the grid in terms of technical, commercial and legal aspects.

    Given this facility is the ‘first of a kind’ in the region, work is already underway to develop an appropriate generation licence to provide for the necessary governance around general conditions as well as specific nuances of a nuclear facility, particularly in relation to the generation of electricity and integration with the sector.


    Integrating excellence

    The Department is responsible for issuing legislation to regulate and guarantee the secure supply to customers aligned with local and
    global levels of services. In addition, it is the Department responsible for issuing license to service providers and suppliers.

    Laws and Regulations

    The Water, Electricity and Wastewater (Sewerage Services) Sector...



    The following is a list of the regulated activities that must be carried...



    Under Article (55)(2) of Law No. (2) concerning the Regulation of the Water and Electricity...


    Health, Safety, Environment

    The Department of Energy is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees...


    Economic Regulations

    The Abu Dhabi water and electricity sector is structured on a "single buyer" model...


    Knowledge Center

    Publications, regulations, and codes in the Abu Dhabi energy sector

    One of the major roles of the Department of Energy involves regulating and supervising the energy sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as ensuring the quality provided by the suppliers.

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    07 / May, 2018
    Notice to Grant a New
    Sewerage Services
    Licence to Saadiyat Island Resort project

    The DoE gives notice of its intention to grant a new licence for Saadiyat Island Resort Development for HH Sheikh Suroor private office for the collection, treatment, and disposal of up to 350m3/ day of wastewater at the Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

    11 / April, 2018
    Granting a self-regulating licence to the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development to generate electricity using photovoltaic (PV) panels.

    The DoE granted a self-regulating licence to the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development to install rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar panels for a building in Abu Dhabi, with an approximate generation capacity of 4100 kW.

    31 / December, 2017
    Electricity Supply Regulations (second edition)

    The Department of Energy (XRSB) for the Water, Electricity, and Wastewater Sector in Abu Dhabi announces the publication of the Electricity Supply Regulations (second edition), which aims at regulating the terms and requirements of the electricity that is supplied to all customers and operators of high (or low) voltage systems.


    Guide to the Bureau's 2012 Licence Exemption Orders

    29 March 2017

    Enforcement Decision - Final Order No.1


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