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The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy was established in accordance with Law No. 11 of 2018 to drive the Emirate’s energy transition efforts with a focus on promoting economic growth, and boosting environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Our role includes enacting policies and regulations and developing strategies to ensure an effective energy transition in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

We issue licences for companies and organisations operating in the sector and monitor their compliance with quality standards, which, in turn, supports the Emirate’s goals to ensure the sustainability of energy sources.

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Who We Are

Planning Today for a Secure, Sustainable Tomorrow

Our role is to facilitate the development of the energy sector in Abu Dhabi in order to support the economic, environmental, and social sustainability requirements of the emirate, both today and into the future, as part of the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, which aims at establishing a robust and secure society with a sustainable economy.


Integrating excellence

The Department is responsible for issuing legislation to regulate and guarantee the secure supply to customers aligned with local and global levels of services. In addition, it is the Department responsible for issuing license to service providers and suppliers.

Economic Regulation

The Abu Dhabi water and electricity sector is structured on a ‘si...

Laws and Regulations

The Abu Dhabi Energy Sector is governed by the following Laws: •...


One of the responsibilities of the Licensing and Compliance secti...


License Compliance 2014 - 2018 Under Article (55) (2) of Law No....

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