The Water Quality Regulations Reporting System (WQRRS) is a database developed by the DoE that allows the licensees to enter the values of parameters as transcribed in the WQR’s tables. It is a tool by which the water quality is monitored to ensure and maintain compliance with Water Quality Regulations. For production plants, the potable water parameter values are available. For transmission and distribution companies, the potable water parameter values are available as per regions. Besides the continuous monitoring of water quality, the data acquired from WQRRS is used to construct and develop reports. (The reports include the Drinking Water Quarterly Report, the DoE Annual Report, the DoE Technical Report, etc.). The data acquired is used to construct technical analysis reports when new chemicals and products that come into contact with drinking water are introduced or are under trial in the network. The data is easily and readily accessible. The system has various and flexible options for plotting and arranging data. 

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