One of the responsibilities of the Licensing and Compliance section at the DoE is to grant licenses to entities and individuals authorising them to conduct and engage in a wide range of regulated activities and to supervise the manner in which such regulated activities are undertaken.

The license may be issued for a specific activity or multiple activities, which can be conducted in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The following is a list of the regulated activities that must be carried out under the Licence issued by the Department of Energy:

  • Generation, storage, transmission, distribution, supply, sale and purchase of electricity of all types (clean, renewable, traditional).
  • Production, treatment, desalination, storage, transmission, distribution, supply, sale and purchase of water.
  • Collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater, and wastes, as well as recycling the by-products of wastewater treatment.
  • Production, storage, distribution and supply of coolant for district cooling systems.

DoE ensures customer satisfaction through its online services, allowing easy and fast access to its services. For licensing services, please visit the DOE service page.

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