DoE has launched the Abu Dhabi Energy Services Platform (ADESP) to enable individuals and entities to obtain the relevant licences to conduct any of the regulated activities. The platform offers many features and services such as it allows you to apply online for a Licence, submit the relevant supporting documents, and track the status of your applications. The platform is a comprehensive portal that provides access to the licensee profile and the regulatory reports required by DoE. The platform also provides a home page that shows the level of compliance after evaluation by our technical team, and monitors the compliance process of the licensees.

To apply for a licence, you need first to create an account on ADESP, and then apply for the appropriate licence and pay the relevant registration fee. A high-level assessment of the application to confirm its validity will ensue. 

A valid application will then undergo a detailed evaluation to determine the prospective licensee’s legal, financial, managerial, and technical competence. The DoE will endeavour to perform this assessment in-house; however, some applications may involve external consultations. Should this be required, these external costs will be recharged to the applicant in the form of an Evaluation Fee.

Once the Department is satisfied that an applicant is competent to hold a licence, a notice of intention to grant a licence is published. The notice period is for a minimum of 28 days. If no objections to the notice are received, a licence will be issued to the applicant and its activities will be regulated in accordance with the licence conditions.

Depending on the nature and complexity of the application, the overall assessment and licensing process for a Standard Licence may take three to four months. In the interests of transparency, the Department publishes on its website a copy of each Licence issued. 

E-Service Link:

DoE Energy Services

For licensing services, please contact DoE’s Licensing team:
Phone: +971 2 2070 777
Fax: +971 2 6713 750

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