As part of its commitment to uphold the highest environmental and health standards at construction sites and ensure fire safety, the Gas Safety Committee, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), has issued a circular for the safe use of gas cylinders at construction sites.

The Gas Safety Committee was established in response to an initiative by the Department of Energy – Abu Dhabi (DoE) to assess the safety of liquefied petroleum gas systems in buildings across the emirate. One of the committee’s aims is to ensure the safety of its supply and usage by coordinating efforts, reviewing procedures, and establishing standards for gas supply and installation activities to prevent accidents. The Committee has urged all contractors and suppliers to follow the circular, implement all recommended safety measures, and take necessary precautions. The committee will closely monitor compliance with safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment at construction sites to reduce fire accidents.

All contractors and suppliers must fully comply with the safety requirements contained in the circulars. Consultants are responsible for ensuring contractors adhere to these requirements.

Eng. Khalid Nasser Al Menhali, Executive Director of the City Planning Sector, highlighted the critical role of contracting companies, consultants, and developers in adhering to the environmental, health, and safety requirements at construction sites. Emphasising the mandatory nature of complying with circulars issued by the authorities, he stressed the positive outcomes for the emirate, companies, and workers in the building and construction sector when these standards are applied.

The municipality urged consultants and developers to supervise contractors’ adherence to circulars issued and educate workers in the building and construction sector about environmental, health, and safety risks through awareness workshops to reduce fire accidents.

The DMT and its strategic partners conduct proactive inspection campaigns to ensure contractors, consultants, and developers comply with circulars and specific laws.

Led by the DoE, the committee has twelve entities in the emirate. Its main responsibilities include reviewing and proposing gas-related requirements, security and safety, and technical standards and suggesting violations, fines, and penalties for violators. The committee ensures establishments and individuals comply with licences, permits, requirements, and standards for gas activities.

The committee encourages the public to communicate with it and report any irregularities detected at construction sites by calling the Abu Dhabi Government toll-free number 800555.

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